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How to apply for a passport in Colombia or Venezuela

Passport application interviews are offered by appointment only:

  • Available Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, 09:00 to 12:00.
  • To make a passport appointment, please visit the online booking page for Bogotá.

Lost or stolen passports:

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Step by step instructions Notes
  1. Fill out your application online at the global website.
  • You must create an account.
  • You can use letter size paper to print your application. You may need to adjust your printer settings (look for Shrink to Fit or Fit to Page settings), especially if you use Chrome or Firefox, to ensure the bottom of the form is not cut off.
  1. Sign and date your form using Australian Date Format (DD/MM/YYYY).
  • Make sure all sections are signed, including by witnesses where required. Passport staff cannot witness signatures.
  • Check there are no alterations to signatures or dates. We can't accept applications with overwritten dates or dates in US format.
  1. Obtain two passport photos.
  • Check the photo requirements as bad photos are the most common reason for application rejections.
  1. Check whether you can apply by Mail or in Person.


 By Mail

  • Adults using the one-page PC7 Australian Passport Renewal Application form can apply by mail.  Please follow the PC7 MAIL INSTRUCTIONS to prepare your mail application kit. 
  • From 2 January 2023, most applications to renew passports for children 15 years and younger can be lodged by mail. Read our CHILD RENEWAL MAIL INSTRUCTIONS to see if you are eligible and prepare your mail application kit.
  • All other applications must be lodged in person. 

In Person - Appointments Only

  • Applications can be lodged in person by making an appointment online.
  • First time applications, applications to replace emergency/temporary passports, applications for 16 and 17 year children, and applications for adults using the five-page PC8 Application for an Australian Passport Overseas form must be lodged in person. 
  • When lodging child applications in person, it does not matter whether the parent is an Australian citizen. Children aged 16 and 17 years old must lodge in person, together with one parent. Children aged 15 years and younger are not required to attend the interview.
  • Read the Required Documents before your interview and go through the checklist to avoid common errors.  You should also check the requirements for name changes and guarantors for PC8 applications. 
  1. Allow approximately 6-10 weeks to receive your new passport.
  • Please read our information on Urgent Travel below if you need to travel in the meantime. 

Urgent travel

If you need to travel urgently, please advise your interviewing officer when you lodge your application. Please bring printed evidence of your need to travel (eg. a letter from your employer, medical evidence, airline tickets, etc). This evidence should be in hard copy form (i.e. not on your phone).

You may be eligible for an Emergency Passport for an additional fee.  An Emergency Passport is usually issued within 2 working days after all requirements are met. Some applications, such as child applications without full consent or for children born through surrogacy, require additional processing time.

Please note that not everyone is eligible for an Emergency Passport. You should discuss your eligibility with your interviewer before making any travel plans that cannot be changed.

What is an emergency passport?

An Emergency Passport has four visa pages, and the validity will be limited to meet your immediate travel needs. It does not contain a chip and cannot be used to enter or transit the United States under the Visa Waiver Program (ESTA)

Other countries may not accept Emergency Passports to enter. You should check with the embassy of that country if it can be used to enter. This also applies for countries that requires a visa. You should always check with the embassy of that country whether a visa can be issued in an Emergency Passport and if there is a minimum validity required for the passport.

Adding an emergency passport to your application

If you apply for both a regular passport and Emergency Passport at your interview, you can do this using the same application form. No additional application form is necessary.

You must present the Emergency Passport to receive your Full Validity Passport.

Can I add an emergency passport to my application later?

Yes. If your travel date moves up or your passport isn't ready in time for your travel, you can add an Emergency Passport to your existing application for an additional fee. This option only applies to people whose regular passport applications are still in progress with our office and who need to travel urgently.

To request an Emergency Passport be added to a current application:

  • Send an email to us about the nature of your urgent travel - please send this from the email address you listed on your application form
  • Provide the full name and date of birth for the person who needs the Emergency Passport (Note: you can only request this for yourself or your minor child)
  • Attach evidence of your upcoming travel (e.g. tickets or letter from employer)

Your request will be reviewed and if you are eligible for an Emergency Passport, your lodging office will email you a letter that you need to sign and return by email. You will also receive the payment instructions.

We recommend that you do this no later that 3-4 working days prior to your departure date (or longer if you need the emergency passport to be delivered to your address).  If you submit a request with less notice, we will make our best effort to issue your Emergency Passport before your travel however this may not be possible.  

For child applications without full consent or for children born through surrogacy, please allow additional time